Ultrasound Tests Through Portable Machines Limit the Spread of COVID19 Virus Spread

Ultrasound is safe and produces no side effects compared to other diagnostic tools. It doesn’t expose patients to ionizing radiation therefore, it is better than CT scans and X-rays. Just with few instruments like invasive devices, it allows real-time visual aid to physicians or radiologists. It involves no pricking of needles and incision.

Doctors can also afford an ultrasound machine for their clinic, which makes it easier for patients and doctors. The disease can be diagnosed, immediately in no time. It saves time and money for patients who have to rush to hospitals for any kind of test. Compared to MRI and CT scans, ultrasound is inexpensive, and the machine is portable. Looking at today’s healthcare environment ultrasound is considered a cost-effective modern imaging source. 

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Different tools are used for different purposes. However, ever since the outbreak of COVID19, the source of medical examination has slightly changed. In such a scenario, ultrasound is considered safer than CT and X-ray. The biggest reason to consider ultrasound as safe is the risk of spreading infection. 

The ultrasound machine is portable and can be taken to the patient’s bed. However, in the case of MRI, CT, and X-ray the patient has to be moved to the testing room. Ultrasound machines can be taken to health camps, portable hospitals, ambulances, health vans, etc., but that cannot be the case with CT and X-ray machines. 

The severe symptoms of COVID19 are related to the lungs. People face breathing problems and heaviness in the chest as fluid fills in the lungs. In this case, CT is considered the major tool to diagnose such problems still, ultrasound is the priority for every healthcare professionals. 

Here are some reasons that support ultrasound to be better during the COVID19 outbreak –

  • Even lug ultrasound can diagnose pneumothorax and pleural effusion. Even if a patient is ill due to COVID19, ultrasound can help to strike-off lung issues with immediate diagnoses. 
  • During severe symptoms of COVID19 patients have respiratory distress, this doesn’t allow them to lie flat, with the help of ultrasound, and healthcare professionals can access their central venous without troubling patients. 
  • Cardiac views through ultrasound can treat any cardiac issues that became worse due to COVID19. However, the emergency department of every clinic and hospital should focus on cardiac ultrasound apart from lung ultrasound during COVID19 assessment.
  • Even during the early stage of COVID19, patients can be sent to hospitals for early findings through ultrasound. Instead of letting that patient travel to different units, keep them in an isolated unit and allow ultrasound through portable machines to help patients avoid unnecessary troubles in the future. 

To conclude, ultrasound helps controlling COVID19 virus spread. If the healthcare performs all tests at the patient’s bedside, then it can limit the spread of the virus to other health workers and patients and their families.