Top 5 Foods Rich in Vitamin C

Vitamin C is sometimes referred to as ascorbic acid that acts as an antioxidant. It is a water-soluble nutrient that helps protect your cells from the damage caused by the compounds produced when your body converts the food that you eat into energy. In this case, you need to ensure that you get enough vitamin C to keep your body healthy and strong. Fortunately, there are several foods that are good vitamin C sources, and below are some of them.

Rose Hips

The rose plant produces a small but sweet tangy fruit that is referred to as a rose hip. This fruit is loaded with vitamin C, with approximately six of it providing the daily value required. You will also be able to find sufficient vitamin C in rose petals, which is a good reason why you should consider having a rose plant around. Apart from eating rose hips, you can also use rose water to hydrate your face before you sleep at night. In this case, you will also be able to get the benefits of vitamin C from rose even without having to consume it.


Plums are also considered as a great source of vitamin C, particularly the Kakadu plum, which is a native in Australia. Studies show that plums contain a hundred times more vitamin C than oranges, with a single plum containing five times the required daily value. The best part is that plum is also rich in potassium, as well as vitamin E.


Consuming a half cup of red cherries will allow you to garner nine times of the daily nutritional value required for vitamin C. This proves to be beneficial, not only in strengthening your immunity but in clearing your skin as well. Hence, if you are suffering from sun damage, or fighting acne, then consuming half a cup of red cherries daily may prove to be advantageous for you.

Chilli Peppers

If you love Mexican food, then for sure you do love chilli peppers too. The great news about this is that chilli peppers are also a great source of vitamin C, with just one green chilli pepper enough to give you the daily vitamin C value that your body needs. Chilli peppers are also great in reducing inflammation and even increase fat burning. Thus, it can aid pain relief and weight loss significantly.


Guava is often found in the tropical regions of the world. With just a single guava, you will get to enjoy the daily vitamin C value that you need. Apart from vitamin C though, eating a piece of guava daily can also help you lower your blood pressure, as well as your cholesterol levels.

The foods listed above are only some of the ones that you should eat to get the right amount of vitamin C that your body needs. When you do, you will less likely suffer from any ailment or disease caused by vitamin C deficiency. The best part is that you will also have a healthier body and stronger immunity.