Podiatry in Clarksville: What a Podiatrist Does

Podiatrists are medical experts who specialize in ankle and foot care and treatment. Although these doctors often work independently, they may be part of a healthcare team that takes care of a patient with a chronic condition such as diabetes. They can specialize in wound care, trauma and reconstructive surgery, or limb salvage. Those who experience foot or ankle pain should take advantage of what the field of podiatry clarksville can offer. 

Addressing Foot and Ankle Pain

With pain in the ankle or foot, walking can be challenging. Because of this, you want to visit a podiatrist as soon as possible. while you may choose to take over-the-counter pain medications, persistent foot pain must be checked by a specialist. 

A foot problem can be benign at first, but get worse and cause other issues. A podiatrist can also help relieve hip pain, knee pain, and lower back pain because your feet impact your whole body. If your foot or ankle pain causes gait changes, your podiatrist may help you with conservative treatments such as medications, surgery, and physical therapy. 

Handling Foot Issues Associated with Diabetes

Diabetes is a chronic medical condition that affects the pancreas and other body systems such as skin, blood flow, and nerves. People who have diabetic feet can develop ingrown toenails, dryness, and wounds, which can result in infection and amputation when not treated promptly and properly. If you are diabetic, you must take foot care seriously and work with a reputable podiatrist. 

Managing Changes on Foot Skin

Your feet’ skin can feel a bit dry to the touch. But if the skin hardens and becomes too dry, you may have a callus. Prescription exfoliants may be able to remove your callus depending on how thick it is and your overall condition. Calluses can be quite painful and impact your gait. Some of them may even require specialized medical attention. 

Moreover, bunions are bumps that can form at the base of the big toe. These uncomfortable bumps can be quite painful and result from improper footwear. A podiatrist can treat your bunions using conservative treatments. 

Treating Nail Issues

If you are diabetic, you must have nail care done carefully and regularly to maintain the health of your feet and prevent infections. Anyone can develop ingrown toenails due to nail trauma or other reasons. A podiatrist can treat nail fungus and ingrown toenails as well as guide patients in taking care of their feet and nails.