Missing a Single Tooth: Improve Your Smile with a Single Dental Implant

Losing a single tooth is often disappointing the people, as people feel uncomfortable in eating, speaking or even overshadows their smile. A tooth can be lost for many reasons such as gum disease, sports injury or health issues. If you have lost your teeth and you are looking for a Dentist Bolton to replace it, you can seek dental advice from the best dentists of Smiles on Queen Dentistry. They provide the best dental implant service and help you to perk up your smile and confidence. A dental implant does not only give you a natural dental look, but it also comes with great durability features.

Benefits of Having a Single Tooth Implant

The primary motive of recommending a single tooth implant is safeguarding the vigorous adjacent teeth from severe damage. The single-tooth implant does not only get you back your lost teeth but also provides an improved appearance, improved speech, Easier eating, improved comfort, improved self-esteem, and Durability.

How does it work?

A single tooth implant is a surgical process that integrated into the jawbone to replace the lost tooth and the root. Moreover, this implant ensures the safety of the bone in the gums. The tooth implant fixes the tooth permanently in the jaw meaning which gives a comfortable feeling in the mouth and jaw remains healthy. Usually, the implant does not have any detrimental impact on the wellbeing of your other teeth.

When to Install a Single Tooth Implant?

If you have lost your single tooth, you must replace it as soon as feasible. The primary cause behind this is you may lose the ability to chew food, overcrowding and further tooth loss also may occur. Moreover, when a tooth is missing it gives a discomfort feeling. In a case of several teeth lost, you may have an impaired speech and the neighboring teeth also may damage with decay. So, make sure to get a single tooth implant before the area of a pulled tooth is healed.

How Does It Improve Your Oral Health?

As alluded to above, a dental implant does not only enhance your smile and physical appearance but also improve your oral wellbeing. When the missing tooth is replaced with a dental implant procedure, your mouth restores functionality and you will be able to eat and speak normally. If you want to ensure that your tooth implant is done professionally, get in touch with Dentist Bolton. They are known for the best dental implants in Canada.