Is Vaginal White Discharge Normal?

Not a single day goes by without us questioning the Lord’s wonders and the beauty that lies within the creation of the Human body. Just like there’s a purpose for everything that happens in our body, white discharge is a way to keep our vagina safe from bacteria or germs. It’s a self-cleaning process that usually starts before or after the period cycle or can happen daily.

Once you start getting to know more about white discharge, you’ll realise it’s pretty normal. There’s nothing to worry about or be ashamed of, because every girl and woman goes through it. 

Consider consulting a gynaecologist about it when your discharge has a foul odour, or the flow stays for many days.

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Is A Daily Flow Of White Discharge Normal?

According to Gynaecologists, white discharge is normal and an essential part of vaginal discharge as it keeps your vagina clean and healthy. On an average, there’s about 1 tsp (4-5ml) of discharge in a day, which can be transparent and thick or thin according to your body. Discharge may also get heavier during the ovulation period.

There is nothing to worry about as long as the discharge doesn’t have a different colour, foul odour or causes irritation. But if your discharge is green or yellow instead of clear white, it could be an indication of infection and it’s best to get it checked. 

Abnormal Symptoms Of Vaginal Discharge

Vaginal discharge is normal, but you’ll spot different unusual symptoms if you have an infection such as,

  • Itching in your Vagina
  • Green or yellow discharge instead of transparent 
  • Inflamed Vulva
  • Pain while urinating

Cause Of Abnormal Discharge

  • Yeast or bacterial infection can cause abnormal vaginal discharge.
  • Excess use of women’s hygiene products like spray or powder.

If you face such a problem, you’ll need to visit your gynaecologist as soon as possible. The doctor will examine your vaginal discharge and tell you its cause; they’ll even give you a follow-up treatment. Just make sure that you don’t have intercourse during this period; wait until your infection is cured.

How To Prevent Abnormal Discharge?

  1. Opt for undergarments made of cotton
  2. Do not wear tightly fitted undergarments.
  3. Clean your vaginal area properly after using the bathroom
  4. Do not use any scented products. If your vagina has a bad odour, see a doctor.
  5. Avoid wearing synthetic underwear.

Are There More Types Of Vaginal Discharge?

There are four types of vaginal discharge, and they are as follows:

White Thick Discharge

This can appear usually before or after your menstrual cycle starts. There’s no sensation of itch present in the normal discharge. But if you do, it could be an indication of an Yeast infection.

Transparent And Watery Discharge

This type of discharge can occur when you are sexually active, masturbating or exercising.

Yellow/Green Discharge

This discharge is usually thick and has a foul odour and usually indicates an infection. 

Brown Discharge

After the end of the menstrual cycle, your vagina takes 1-2 days to clean the old brown blood which can appear in the form of brown discharge. 

If you experience excess discharge compared to normal or are sexually active, see that you take a pregnancy test.

Vaginal discharge symptoms are based on the consistency of sex, your sex partner, birth control pill, and hygiene products you use, as these tend to affect your discharge.

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