What would you do if your Medical Condition is not covered under EEOICPA? 

When working under the Department of Energy, you should rest assured that chances would be higher for you suffering from various kinds of medical conditions from exposure to chemical substances, harmful gases, and radioactive materials. It would be pertinent to mention here that all kinds of medical conditions while working under the DOE would not make you eligible for the division of energy employees occupational illness compensation

It would not be wrong to suggest that several employees would be suffering from harmful medical conditions covered by the EEOICPA. You should rest assured that illnesses covered under the EEOICPA would make you eligible for benefits offered by the federal government. They would be able to compensate you for the medical conditions suffered due to the nature of work undertaken with the Department of Energy. Most employees would suffer from medical conditions inclusive of Beryllium Illnesses, Chronic Silicosis, and various kinds of covered cancers. If you were covered under any of these illnesses, you would become eligible for the benefits offered by the EEOICPA. 

The EEOICPA has several medical conditions covered for providing benefits to the employees of the DOE. It would be pertinent to mention here that the federal government has been taking care of the employees suffering from harmful medical conditions through various kinds of programs. These programs have been specifically designed to compensate the employees for the money spent on the illnesses they encountered while working under the Department of Energy. These programs would be essential for the overall well-being of the employee suffering from the illness. 

However, if you were not suffering from the illnesses covered under the EEOICPA, would you be eligible for the benefits offered? This has been the common question raised by a majority of employees under the DOE. If you were an employee under the DOE but have not been diagnosed with the illnesses covered by the EEOICPA, but have been diagnosed with illnesses not covered by the EEOICPA, what would you do? 

You should rest assured that you would become eligible under several other benefits offered by the DOE. There have been several programs offered by the federal government that would ensure that you should be compensated adequately for the illnesses suffered due to exposure to harmful chemicals and radioactive elements. 

These programs have been specifically designed to provide you with monetary and medical benefits based on your condition. However, you would be required to provide comprehensive proof of your employment along with the medical condition that has been diagnosed during your employment under the DOE.