Types of Lash Extensions – Which One would You Choose?

There’s a lot of enthusiasm about eyelash extensions in women’s mind. Do you know that lash extensions are of various types?

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It will be definitely useful if you know what different types of lash extensions are as you can find at Fancy Lash.

Basically, lash extensions are either made from artificial materials or animal fur like mink, fox and sable.

However, you should first ensure you’re not allergic to animal fur. Similarly, if you are ethically concerned about the treatment given to animals, you may not prefer animal fur lash extensions.

Animal Fur Extensions

Mink Lash Extensions

Mink lash extensions are made from the tail fur of Chinese and Siberian minks. But the most appropriate and premium fur is produced by the Siberian minks.

Mink lashes are also the most preferred ones if you’ll be wearing lash extensions for the first time and want a natural look. They are lightweight too. Mink lashes are costly.

Fox Lash Extensions

Fox lash extensions are the trendiest at present. These are soft and have a reddish tinge in their natural state. But they can also be dyed in an ombre style or given black tips.

Fox extensions aren’t widely available. You can have all types of classic lash extensions at Fancy Lash.

Sable Lash Extensions

Sable fur is even finer and fluffier than that of mink and is the lightest possible material for lash extensions. Stylists recommend them only to those with very fine natural lashes.

They are also not widely available.

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Artificial Extensions

Although animal fur is the most lightweight and natural-looking as lash extensions, they need a lot of maintenance.

If you’re ready to perm them to maintain their curl most of the times, you can choose them. If you aren’t, there are many artificial choices available.

The biggest advantage of manmade extensions is their curl as you don’t have to keep perming them to maintain the curl.

Faux-mink and Faux-fox

These look like real mink or fox fur but come without a hefty price tag. They also come in various lengths and volumes, are high-quality and super-comfy to wear. And of course, they are animal-friendly.


Although they are named ‘silk’, they are not made from real silk. They are also mid-weight and being heavier, not very comfortable for most people like the faux-fox or faux-mink extensions.

They are ideal for special occasions and not for everyday wear.


Synthetic lash extensions are the least natural-looking and heaviest on your eyes. Rather than a soft lustre, they have a sheen that can be seen in human or animal fur lashes.

Volume Lashes

Volume lashes are another trendy option. This kind of extensions is applied by applying 2-6 ultra-light lashes to each of your natural lashes.

Options like 2D, 3D, 4D, 5D and 6D are available in these. These are usually made of mink or silk.

The method used is different than the one used for traditional lash extensions. Hence you can expect your lash stylist to take longer to apply these extensions and also these extensions to cost more.

Go through the various types of lash extensions and then choose the most right ones for you.