The Difference Of Hemp Oil From CBD Oil

It is legal and acceptable to sell and purchase Cannabidiol products like CBD oil balm in the United Kingdom. The supposed efficacy of these products for treating pain, anxiety, depression, and sleep disorders made them popular among residents that as much as 1.3 million UK users use them on a daily basis.

Unscrupulous parties however are riding on the popularity of CBD products and make deceiving claims that they are selling real CBD oils, but are actually plain hemp oil. Some may say that these two oil types are basically the same, but actually they are not. There are significant differences between hemp oil and CBD oil that you should be aware of.

One significant difference is in the way they are extracted from the Cannabis sativa plant. Hemp oil are cold-pressed from seeds, just like how olive oil is made, while genuine CBD oils make use of CO2 or solvent-based extraction. This is required to make sure the products maintain potency and make them toxin-free.

That is why it is important to know the differences between these oils, so you won’t get bamboozled by these unlawful entities into buying their CBD oils. UK residents can rely on infographic from Love CBD to help them understand these differences in a more thorough way.