The Common Causes of Overactive Bladder- Know Them to Get It Treated

Frequent urination is one of the common issues for many people. The stats show that about 33 million people are affected by this medical condition. This number is expected to be higher because most of the infected people don’t seek any medical attention. It can be fully treated with the help of the right treatment for mount vernon overactive bladder. It has also been noticed that people with such problems experience a poor quality of life because an overactive bladder can interfere with daily activities. By getting it treated, you will be able to focus on your daily activities in a better manner.

What are the common causes of overactive bladder?

The overactive bladder can be associated with several contributing factors. They are listed below:

Neurological disorders 

Generally, there is communication between the brain and the bladder. It sends the signal to the brain when it is full. However, if these signals are abnormal, you may feel the urge to urinate. This is one of the reasons for an overactive bladder. In actuality, the bladder may not be full.

In many instances, the brain sends the wrong signals to empty the bladder at the wrong time. This occurs when there is nerve damage, nervous system disorder, stroke, Parkinson’s disease, trauma from pelvic injury, and diabetes. Due to this, the patient may feel the need to empty the bladder after some time.


In many cases, a female may experience an overactive bladder after giving birth to a child and even more than one child. There is a lot of pressure on the pelvic muscles that hold the bladder. If these muscles are weakened, you may have an overactive bladder. In this case, the bladder shifts from its position because it sags due to the loose pelvic muscles and the opening of the urethra is stretched.

Bad habits 

It is surprising to know that poor habits such as drinking alcohol and taking too much caffeine can cause pressure in the bladder. This is because they can alter the signals of the brain and a person may feel an urge to urinate.

Drugs and medications

The studies show that the signals can also be altered if you take certain drugs and medications. In this case, you will feel an overactive bladder.

These issues can be treated fully if you get in touch with a healthcare provider at the right time. He may suggest the best option.