Health Insurance for the Differently-Abled

Like everyone else, health coverage is necessary for the differently-abled too. A differently-abled individual is someone who suffers from an accidental, congenital, or mental disability. Therefore, it becomes essential for such people to have health coverage.

Insurance for the differently-abled

People who have a mental disability are considered high-risk, and most insurers do not offer health insurance plans for them. Congenital disability is a medical condition existing from birth, and most health insurers exclude coverage for these from their regular health plans. However, if a person becomes disabled due to an accident, he is eligible for medical insurance.

Health insurance for the differently-abled: Eligibility norms


  • Health condition


It is the most crucial factor for health insurers. Generally, insurers evaluate health over two months to determine the severity of the condition and related risk factors.


  • Financial condition


Insurers consider the financial status and family background to determine the premium. The insurance company offers the appropriate plan based on the family income for maximum benefits.


  • Premium paying capacity


Insurers may review bank account statements and other documents to ensure that the policyholder can pay the premium on or before the due date. Moreover, they will check income sources before providing comprehensive health insurance to a differently-abled applicant.

While applying for health coverage for a differently-abled individual, keep the following aspects in mind: 


  • Complete disclosure of facts


Provide full disclosure of the disability at the time of application to ensure there are no issues in the future. Additionally, the insurer may consider the non-disclosure of facts as a fraud.


  • Restrictive coverage


The insurer may provide the mediclaim policy with restrictive clauses on the coverage available on the policy. These may be related to possible complications due to the existing disability.


  • Eligibility for high-risk coverage


While choosing high-risk coverage, the applicant needs to provide reasons. The main purpose in this context is to ensure financial stability in case of an emergency. 

Differently-abled people require health cover for financial independence. Their conditions may require them to undergo regular treatments, which may drain their finances. 

Although there are not many insurance companies offering disability insurance, it is important to compare health insurance policies that are available. It is beneficial to know the inclusions, exclusions, premium, the extent of coverage, and other terms and conditions to make the right decision.