Alternatives To Philips CPAP

Philips is one of the famous brands for numerous kinds of machines. However, due to its recent blunder with CPAP machines, the company has received thousands of lawsuits. CPAP attorneys at Shouse Law Group can help you build up a strong case and get high compensation. 

Are there any alternatives to Philips CPAP machines?

Even though Philips has declared the replacement of everyone’s machines and has started fixing the defects of the recalled devices, it can take at least a year for them to come up with something new. For the time being, you can check out some of the top CPAP machine brands here. 

  • ResMed AirSense 10 CPAP
  • DeVilbiss Intellipap Standard
  • Philips Respironics DreamStation 2 Auto
  • Z2 Auto Travel CPAP Machine
  • F&P SleepStyle Auto CPAP

Before buying a new CPAP machine, it is recommended to discuss it with your doctor. They can recommend a machine which will suit your needs best. Also, make sure to compare them by price, weight, and noise level. Different machines may have different features such as Bluetooth, auto-adjust pressure, better data tracking, etc. 

Bi-PAP machines

Like a CPAP machine, Bi-Level PAP machines also help with sleep apnea. The difference between a CPAP and Bi-PAP is that a CPAP uses the same pressure when users breathe in and out, whereas, in Bi-PAP machines, there is higher pressure when a person breathes in and lower when they breathe out. 

Bi-PAP may be a good option for people who are comfortable with CPAP machines. However, for people with poor breathing and reduced consciousness, this might not be a good option. 

Cure sleep apnea without machines

Doctors say that lifestyle changes can cure a lot of illnesses. The same is the case for sleep apnea. 

Here are a few lifestyle changes that may help sleep apnea patients.

  • Quit smoking and alcohol and other types of drug intake.
  • Avoid sleeping on your back. You can use a foam or plastic device to avoid sleeping on your back
  • Use a cervical pillow
  • Using nasal spray to help in breathing
  • Exercising and losing weight

You can take these measures if you don’t want to use a CPAP machine. Nevertheless, consult your doctor beforehand. If your sleep apnea is severe, these options won’t be much helpful to you. 

Should you hire a lawyer?

According to FDA reports, recalled Philips CPAP machines can cause severe diseases. The wise option is to hire an attorney to get high compensation. Contact Shouse Law Group today if you or your loved one has been affected by Philips’ CPAP machine.