Get Started with Laser Pigmentation Removal

Laser pigmentation removal is a medical procedure used to remove areas of pigmented skin. If you’re concerned about pigmented areas on your skin and have been contemplating laser pigmentation removal in Singapore, consult with Dr. David Ng today. He will walk you through all that you need to know as far as laser pigmentation removal […]

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How Will I Know I Have a Vitamin Deficiency?

We all know that our minds and bodies need vitamins and minerals to stay healthy. But how will you know if you aren’t meeting your needs and when you’ll need a better diet and supplements from brands like Thorne Research in Supplement First? There are actually numerous telltale signs of deficiencies. Fortunately, there are ways […]


4 Contact Lens Types & What Makes Them Special

You may find it challenging to choose from the different varieties of contact lenses available if you recently decided to switch to contact lenses. The many contact lens kinds and features are described below to assist you in making an informed decision. Today’s prevalent contact lens categories include: Soft Lenses Contacts Rigid Gas Permeable (RGP) […]