Recovery Tips For After An Otoplasty Procedure!

Otoplasty, otherwise known as cosmetic ear surgery, is a common procedure that’s growing in popularity all throughout the United States. Otoplasty is typically a very harmless procedure that doesn’t ask too much of a patient, but there of course are some recovery tips to keep in mind for after your procedure has taken place.

We’ve partnered up with the otoplasty dallas specialists at Dallas Surgical Arts to support us in creating this list of recovery tips, so take it from the pros in that these tips will go a very long way towards making your otoplasty recovery that much easier!

Avoid Rubbing/Touching Your Ears

Otoplasty procedures are relatively straightforward in that you won’t be knocked out during the surgery, which means you’ll essentially be able to go on with your daily routine after your surgery has concluded.

However, it’s very important that otoplasty patients be careful when it comes to rubbing or touching their ears in the hours after their procedure. This is mainly because you’ll want to avoid damaging the incisions, which could delay your overall recovery.

This also means you should sleep on your back as to avoid pressure on your ears.

Be Sure To Wear Your Headband!

You’re likely going to need to wear a headband over your ears for the first week after your otoplasty procedure, and this headband is crucial when it comes to protecting your ears and keeping them in their proper positioning.

Most otoplasty patients will need to wear their headbands for about the first two weeks after surgery day and night, and then only at night for the remaining couple of weeks to conclude the first month after your surgery.

Avoid Smoking

Smoking and breathing in second-hand smoke can negatively impact your otoplasty recovery. Smoking has been known to develop poor healing, delayed recoveries, and even irregular scarring.

This is why otoplasty patients should always avoid smoking for at least the first few weeks after their procedure.

Don’t Be Alarmed If You See Ear Discharge

This is a perfectly normal side effect of an otoplasty procedure, so seeing your ears drain fluids is nothing to be worried about.

All you’ll really need to do is use a cotton swab to clean the external area of your ears, but any excessive discharge should be confirmed with your surgeon.

Be Sure To Keep Your Head Elevated

Swelling typically will occur during the otoplasty recovery period, and one way to minimize your swelling is to keep your head elevated while sleeping. You won’t need to do too much for this type of head elevation, and a few pillows should do the trick.

You should also avoid bending over while you’re awake. It’s important to remember that potential swelling can last anywhere from one to two months after an otoplasty procedure.

Don’t Scratch Your Otoplasty Incisions

It’s common for these incisions to feel a bit itchy in the weeks after your otoplasty procedure, and this itchiness is usually a sign that your nerves are beginning to regenerate.

It’s important to not scratch these incisions, because it could potentially damage them.

Contact The Dallas Surgical Arts Specialists To Learn More Otoplasty Recovery Tips!

There’s so much that otoplasty patients need to keep in mind while they’re undergoing their recovery process, and the above tips will help make your recovery process a lot easier.

You can learn more otoplasty recovery tips by clicking through the hyperlink at the beginning of this blog and speaking directly with the Dallas Surgical Arts team!