Myths about Gastric Band Surgery

A flaw anywhere on your body can flatten your confidence levels. It’s precisely why so many women, as they age, resort to breast uplift surgery. It can be soul-destroying seeing your once firm, pert breasts hanging down to your navel, shapeless, flabby and with no volume.

A breast uplift, known also as a Mastopexy, will uplift and reshape sagging breast tissue and leave you with beautifully shaped, even boobs that will restore your confidence.

There’s a clinic in Poland – Europe Surgery – that makes it that you don’t have to admire somebody else’s luck at having cosmetic surgery – you can have it yourself too – that’s how affordable it is.

‘Confidence-Building’ Surgery in Poland

Gastric band surgery for weight loss is another reason people travel to Poland to have this bariatric surgery. It is far cheaper than having it done in the UK for instance, it is minimally invasive and it decreases the size of the stomach.

With a stomach that is reduced, you want less food. What it involves is a band being placed around the top of the stomach? This puts a ‘cap’ on the amount of food you can consume, and even eating less food makes you feel full and satiated.

Gastric band surgery is ideal for those people who already watch their diet and exercise but who just can’t lose weight. There are some people who question this kind of surgery and have doubts about it, with some myths that do the rounds.

While the price of gastric band surgery in Poland is affordable and a huge drawcard, there are these myths about this kind of surgery that make some people think twice.

We look at a few of these myths or misconceptions –

◼ Gastric band surgery is for lazy dieters – just a cop-out really

The truth is, patients who have this surgery have already tried everything to control their weight – not for a few weeks, but for years. It is fine when you’re 10 or 20kg overweight, but when you’re 100kg overweight, exercise and diet are going to make just a small dent.

Bariatric surgery helps make extreme weight loss possible.
◼ You Just Pack the Weight on Again after the Surgery
Research has shown that people who opt for this surgery lose more weight than those dieting and exercising and they keep their weight off. As a bonus, studies also showed that people who had this surgery had lower incidences of cardiovascular disease.
◼ Your Expenses Soar because, after Bariatric Surgery, you need Plastic Surgery
Surgeons in the know tell us that close to 100% of weight loss surgery is done through laparoscopy, leaving a small scar. Just a small percentage of patients will require skin removal surgery.
◼ Bariatric surgery only for the Young
There are risk factors with all surgery, and age is another risk factor, but people in their 50s, 60s and 70s have enjoyed wonderful success with this surgery.

A slimmer you, less wobbly stomach to carry around, more confidence and being far healthier – these are just some of the benefits you gain when you opt for affordable gastric band surgery in Poland.