Counseling Services – Build Inner Peace And Harmony

In times before, the word counseling sent shivers and negative emotions among people. They used to think counseling is related to only psychological issues. People considered it taboo to visit a counselor. They would always think what society would think? The person meeting a counselor was mental. Times have changed and counseling is no longer restricted to mental issues. The bandwidth of counseling services has spread far and wide across domains. We have been dealing with education and career guidance. Counseling services for family and marital issues, for alcohol, drug, and other substance issues. Counseling for sexual problems and of late, the use of social media and smartphones has increased. Small kids and adults are addicted to smartphones doing gaming, WhatsApp, Facebook, social media. Counseling for addiction to social media and smartphones is prevalent today. Counseling services have no restrictions. Sports medicine, dieting, nutrition areas and more can benefit from this.

Counseling services made their beginning by looking at mental health and emotional issues. A counseling session for anxiety, depression, relationships, stress management. Face to face meetings with a counselor was required. Now things have changed and counselors have availability twenty-four by seven. They are available on chat, video calls, phone. Online counseling is made simple and ooking at the response, it seems to be very successful.

These types of services are therapy. A therapist lends his/her ear to you. Response as per the situation demands. Also known as talking therapy. Counseling services are of three types. Performance counseling, professional, and event counseling. Who visits counselors? Why is it required? In life, we come across difficult situations or events. Ther could be stress, trauma, excess happiness, sadness. Self-realization or discovering yourself. Professional guidance, educational and career guidance. All this requires counselors. People are ready to meet and discuss with counselors. They want someone to lend anear to their issues. That itself solves half the problems.

Counseling services is a skilled service. The basic skills are attending, silence, listening, rapport building, questioning both ways or communication both ways, focus, clarification, closure, follow-up. The first meeting is crucial. It’s the foundation of the counseling services session. Trust, confidence, openness can be made or broken here. The counselor also needs to have open disclosure. Positive regard, empathy, openness are critical for the counseling to succeed. The skills lead to stages. Once rapport and relationship establish the problem needs assessment and detailing. Proper goals need setting. Lofty goals are a strict NO. Follow-up and evaluation next. Multiple sessions till the issue addressed and counseled. Finally, it is termination and follow-up after some period. Proper closure or required. It should be transparent and not abstract.

In a world with varied dynamics, we are witnessing tremendous growth. We are lucky that trained and certified counselors are available personally as well as online. Are you facing any issues or problems regarding any subject? Don’t try to resolve yourself. You need help. It’s not a DIY thing. Go to a counselor immediately or avail of counseling services. Look for experienced counseling professionals. Build inner peace and harmony by availing counseling services.

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