Why Open-Ended Questions Are a Counselor’s Favorite Tool

Have you ever participated in any kind of formal relationship therapy? If so, did you notice that your counselor frequently asked open-ended questions? It turns out that such questions are a counselor’s favorite tool. At the hands of a skilled counselor, open-ended questions can accomplish more than any other counseling strategy. If you need clarification, […]


Wide range of scientifically developed products at The Skin Care Clinic

Scientifically-proven skin care products are essential to treat all kinds of skin problems without causing harmful side effects. The Skin Care Clinic offers a wide selection of medical-grade skin care products manufactured by global brands. The products have been approved by skin specialists. A host of brands such as Aspect Dr, Medik8, Osmosis MD, PCA […]

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Mole Removal On The Skin

The average person has anywhere from 10 to 40 moles on their skin in various parts of the body. The average mole is simply a skin imperfection, a dark spot that will never cause any actual harm. However, if you notice a mole that changes shape, color, or size, it could be a sign that […]