9 Symptoms of Alcohol Poisoning

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Many of us don’t associate drinking alcohol with the word “poison,” but the sad fact of the matter is that alcohol is exactly that. Like so many other poisons, the body can deal with a small amount, but the situation can become quite serious – even deadly – when levels are increased. It may seem funny and perhaps even entertaining to some people to see the effects of heavy drinking but there is real danger involved when drinking gets out of control. Don’t make the mistake of believing that black coffee, vomiting or simply sleeping it off will benefit someone suffering from alcohol poisoning. It’s a very serious condition that requires emergency medical intervention. It’s vitally important to recognize the signs of alcohol poisoning when it’s happening because it can be fatal and waiting around for someone to “sober up” could have disastrous consequences.

1. Confusion

It is expected that some changes in a person’s ability to think and reason will take place when they are drinking but when someone becomes very noticeably confused, that may be a sign of serious trouble.

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