9 Signs You May Have Psychic Abilities

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Yes, this one might be considered by many people to be a bit “out there.” Still, there is little or no doubt that some people display an uncanny ability to pick up on things that the vast majority of us miss. There have been numerous scientific experiments conducted through the years that were not able to prove that psychic abilities are for real, but on the other hand, there have been documented cases where people claiming to be psychic have helped police solve crimes and locate missing persons. Do you ever feel like you may have psychic abilities? Maybe you do and have not said anything to anyone about it because you fear that they will think you are crazy, so you keep it to yourself. It doesn’t seem possible to make any firm determination about whether psychic abilities exist or not, but the following signs may suggest that you have some special abilities that are not easily explained.

1. Phone Calls

Just about everyone has had an experience where they happen to be thinking about someone and may even feel like it’s time to give that person a call when the phone rings and it is the same person they were thinking about. When that happens once in a while, it can probably be chalked-up to simple coincidence, but if it starts happening on a regular basis, it could be an indication that you have some level of psychic ability.

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