9 Signs That You May Have The Zika Virus

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The Zika virus seems to be making its way into the news more every day in the United States where it is getting the attention of federal health officials. Although contracting the Zika virus is not particularly dangerous for most people, it poses a significant risk to the unborn babies of pregnant women who contract the virus. Zika is most commonly spread by the bite of infected mosquitoes, although there is also evidence that it can be spread from person to person through intimate contact or by being stuck with an infected needle. A small number of people who contract the virus also seem to develop Guillain-Barré syndrome, but for most people Zika runs its course a bit like the flu would and does not result in any permanent harm to health. Here are some signs that could indicate infection with the Zika virus.

1. Rash

Lots of people can get a small rash from a mosquito bite but Zika will often result in a rash that is a bit larger than would normally be expected.

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