9 Signs That You Have An Ulcer

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Ulcers. We’ve all heard of them, at one time it was believed ulcers were caused by stress, hence sayings like, “You’re going to give me an ulcer!” More recent medical research has found that ulcers are more likely the result of a bacteria, and are not caused by stress, which has made treatment more straightforward. An ulcer is kind of like a sore in the lining of the stomach, similar to a cold or canker sore that might show up in the mouth. Ulcers are usually quite painful, so most people are aware that they have some kind of problem when they develop an ulcer. Here are the signs and symptoms that might be telling you that you have an ulcer.

1. Pain

A defect in the lining of your stomach is something that can be serious if not dealt with, so your body is going to send you signals that something is seriously wrong. In this case, pain is one of the signals your body will send, and in most cases, the stabbing pain that an ulcer causes is not easy to ignore. The pain may also come in waves at times, and even subside at various times but until the ulcer heals, it will always come back.

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