8 Weird Places You Could Develop Skin Cancer

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When we hear about skin cancer many people assume that it will show up in a place where its easy to spot, like on your face, arms or back. While those are places where skin cancer certainly can make an appearance, did you know that there are other weird locations where you would probably never expect it to show up? For that reason it is important to watch for signs of trouble in less-obvious areas of your body where something like skin cancer could sneak up on you without your notice. The following places are some of the more unusual areas of your body where skin cancer could form.

1. Your Eyes

In particular, the irises of your eyes (where you eye color is prominent) are susceptible to cancer, more specifically, melanoma, the most serious of the skin cancers. As you might already suspect, it’s sun exposure that causes most cancers in the eyes, so it’s always a good idea to wear UV-blocking sunglasses when you are going to be outside for a while. Skin cancer in the eyes will sometimes cause the appearance of the eye to change, so make sure you see your doctor if you notice things like new spots of color in your eyes or if it looks like your eye color is changing.

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