8 Signs Your Child Is Being Bullied

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Only in recent years has bullying among children really been given a lot of attention by school administrators, law makers, law enforcement and the media. It’s an age-old problem that sometimes ends in tragedy. In many cases kids may not know that bullying is wrong, and in other cases they know it is wrong and do it to make themselves feel superior or to impress others. Bullying can create a tremendous amount of stress for the victims, and it’s not uncommon for kids who are bullied to keep the problem to themselves because they are embarrassed or afraid. Even if your child is being bullied and does not make it known to others at home, there are signs you can watch for that may indicate there is a problem.

1. Losing Things

It’s common for bullies to steal things from their victims, so if your child comes home from school reporting lost belongings more than you would consider normal, it could be that they are being bullied. It could be money that the bully is stealing from your child or things as mundane as notebooks, pencils, and other school supplies. Keep an eye on your child’s school supplies and check to see that there are not too many things disappearing.

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