6 Symptoms of Carbon Monoxide Poisoning

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Carbon monoxide is a particularly dangerous substance since this deadly gas is both colorless and odorless. Most of us hear horror stories every year that feature carbon monoxide and most of these tragedies are very avoidable. Whole families have been killed when a faulty furnace or some other device leaks carbon monoxide into their home. In other instances, people in parked cars lose their lives because of malfunctioning exhaust systems that leak and fill the car with the deadly gas. Every home should have functioning carbon monoxide detectors and any suspicions about faulty exhaust systems on cars should be checked out without delay. Anyone who suspects that they may be in the presence of carbon monoxide should leave the area immediately and notify the proper authorities. Without the benefit of carbon monoxide detectors, it is especially helpful to know about the symptoms of carbon monoxide poisoning.

1. Shortness of Breath

Whether or not the cause is carbon monoxide or something else, feeling short of breath is never something that should be taken lightly. Although there are many causes for this condition, if you have more than one person in the same area that is feeling short of breath, it could indicate the presence of carbon monoxide or something else that is dangerous.

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