5 Serious Health Conditions Doctors Often Misdiagnose

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As we are all aware, doctors are only human, and as a result they sometimes make mistakes. Doctors see a lot of patients and sometimes they are rather pressed for time, which might make them somewhat quick to diagnose a particular condition without taking the time to really dig into all the potential causes of a patient’s symptoms. When a doctor sees 20 cases of pneumonia in a single week, he or she is probably quite likely to think that’s the problem with the next patient that comes through the door with a persistent cough. As we have probably all heard at one time or another, we all have to be our own advocates and push medical professionals to take the time to diagnose us correctly if we have doubts about their conclusions. Here are five of the most commonly-misdiagnosed medical conditions.

1. Sleep Apnea – Often Diagnosed As Depression

Anyone that has raised a child or two knows that lack of sleep can make human beings a bit cranky, and that goes for adults as well as kids! Sleep apnea is a fairly common condition that makes getting a good night’s sleep nearly impossible, making a sleep-deprived person appear to be depressed. As many as 73 percent of sleep apnea sufferers show symptoms that mimic depression and may even be serious enough for them to experience suicidal thoughts.

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