10 signs you may have adult ADHD

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The first thing you probably think of when you hear ADHD or ADD is young children, right? That’s perfectly understandable since children with these disorders have been on the front lines when it comes to diagnosing and treating those conditions. What we don’t often think about is adults that may be affected by these conditions; adults whose lives may be impacted significantly as a result. A condition like ADHD may not be as easy to spot in adults since kids are often so free and open with their thoughts, feelings and actions. Adults are more likely to suffer in silence, and may have a hard time accepting that they have a legitimate medical problem. Here are some signs to watch for that may indicate that someone’s life is being impacted by adult ADHD.

1. Restlessness

As I mentioned above, it’s usually pretty easy to spot a kid that has ADHD because children are less inhibited than adults. An adult may struggle with feelings of restlessness or of always being “on edge.” Many times, people who have adult ADHD displayed symptoms as a child, and may remember the challenges of dealing with it early in life.

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