7 Things You Should Clean More Often

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How many times have we all heard that the germs that cause sickness can be spread from one person to another through things that have been touched? When you think of cleaning up around your home or office, chances are pretty good that you are leaving out a lot of places where germs love to gather and wait for the next unsuspecting person to happen by. A quick wipe-down of most commonly-used surfaces even with disinfectant will not get rid of all the germs that can make you sick. You need to think outside the box just a little and consider things that are handled often, such as the following.

1. Telephone

This includes cell phones since so many people take them everywhere and set them down in all kinds of places. As for landline phones, these also deserve a good going-over with a good cleaning solution that can kill viruses and bacteria. Phones are particularly bad since they are so often held close to the mouth where breathing, coughing, and sneezing can result in a shower of germs on the surface.

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