7 Health Conditions That Might Put You More At-risk For Alzheimer’s Disease

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As people age their chances of contracting a serious illness rise significantly. Unfortunately, we are becoming quite accustomed to hearing about people we know who have diabetes or high blood pressure, although the idea of coming down with those kinds of ailments probably doesn’t keep many people up at night, or even get them to cut back on their soft drink consumption. Hearing the word cancer is certainly a bigger attention-grabber, and may be sufficient to cause sleepless nights for some people. Another condition that’s becoming more common and is probably causing a lot more concern among an aging population is Alzheimer’s disease. It’s especially frightening because we are scared to death of the idea of losing our minds and reaching a point where we no longer recognize our own family members. If that weren’t bad enough, Alzheimer’s is also considered a fatal disease, making it an even more frightening condition. The good news is that a brand-new study was just published that states that up to two-thirds of Alzheimer’s cases might be preventable. As you might expect, lifestyle changes, including diet and exercise figure prominently in the steps people can take that may dramatically reduce their risk of Alzheimer’s. The following are risk factors that might make your risk of contracting the disease more likely.

1. Obesity

God knows anyone with taste buds should be able to appreciate how difficult it is for some people to lose weight. We humans just love food and we love to eat! Unfortunately for some people, obesity is the end result of enjoying food a little too much. While some people seem able to get away with eating virtually anything they want at any time, others feel as though they gain five pounds just by walking by a bakery. As difficult as it is, there are effective ways to battle obesity and maintain a healthier weight. Even those who have medical conditions that lead to obesity such as hypothyroidism have treatment options that should help them restore a normal hormone balance, which will make losing weight easier. As painful and difficult as it is to lose weight, it may be more painful and difficult for your loved ones to watch you slowly deteriorate and lose your ability to function as a rational human being.

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