10 Ways To Avoid Getting Sick

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One of the primary ways we get sick is through contact with other people. Needless to say, you could probably cut down on the number of times you get sick by locking yourself in the house and not seeing a single soul, but the hermit lifestyle is not very appealing to most folks. There are less extreme ways to reduce your chances of coming down with something that won’t sabotage your social life, however, and most of them are pretty easy to pull off. There is plenty of age-old advice out there that’s supposed to help people avoid illness, but much of it is not based on scientific research. For example, people have been told for years that they should wear a coat or jacket when it is cold outside to avoid catching a cold even though getting cold really does not have much to do with getting sick. We know that that viruses are what give people colds and it’s best to find sensible ways to avoid being exposed rather than to worry about bundling up when it is cold outside. Here are some proven and practical ways to minimize your risk of coming down with the latest cold or flu that’s making the rounds.

1. Buy More Pens

Sounds a bit silly, doesn’t it? How will having more pens make it less likely that you’ll get sick? Well, pens are a commonly-shared item that many people use in stores, banks and other locations where signatures are required. Keeping your own pen handy will allow you to skip using pens that other people have used and potentially left illness-causing germs on.

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