A 100 Trillion Friends And 10 Ways They Help Keep You Healthy

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As medical science progresses, researchers are learning more and more about how gut bacteria plays a tremendous role in your overall health. Lacking in sufficient quantities of the good bacteria that should be living in your digestive system could cause serious health problems. Thankfully, it’s easier than ever to ensure that you have the right balance of friendly bacteria living inside of you. Making sure you eat enough of the right kind of foods helps, but you can also go down to your local pharmacy or supermarket and buy “probiotics” which will help populate your digestive system with helpful bacteria. Here are some interesting facts about the bacteria living in your gut that you may want to consider as friends:

1. Big Numbers

It’s a bit hard to get your head around big numbers like 100 trillion (give or take a few trillion), but for some perspective, consider that the bacteria living in your digestive system outnumber all of the cells in your body by about 100-to-1. At the risk of pushing the “ick” factor a bit, it is estimated that we all have one our two pounds of bacteria living in our body at any given time.

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