10 Ways To Treat Sunburns

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Summer is the time of the year everyone wants to go out and enjoy the nice weather.  It’s also a time when it gets hot and people want to get relief from the heat by going to a pool, lake or beach.  No matter what you do in the summer, if you are outside, you are susceptible to getting burned by the sun. There are many home remedies and do-it-yourself treatments you can try to relieve the pain and possible bad effects of a sunburn.

1. Cool Compresses To Help With Inflammation

A. Water: Get some water from the faucet, you can add a couple of ice cubes if you wanted.  Dip a cloth into the water and lay on the skin, dipping cloth back into cool water when the cloth warms up.  Do this every few minutes several times a day.
B. Witch Hazel: Moisten a cloth with witch hazel and apply often throughout the day as witch hazel is known to have long lasting anti-inflammatory relief. If you only need to do small areas,  you can use cotton balls.
With these two options, you can use a fan on the area to cool it even more.

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