10 animals that could save your life

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Fear of spiders and snakes are among the top phobias in the world. They are both radically different from humans and the cuddly four-legged critters we favor as pets like dogs and cats. Looking beyond their creepiness, there are things to admire about these creatures that can make a life-saving difference in the lives of people who suffer from diseases like diabetes and cancer. The next time you are tempted to stomp a spider or run over a snake crossing the road, keep in mind that they are often more than just a pest that gives you the creeps. Here are ten ways medical science is using these creepy creatures and others can improve our lives.

1. Copperhead snake

These slithery animals are common where I live and in many other parts of the United States. The venom from these dangerous reptiles is used to formulate medicines that are used to treat pain, stroke and cancer. The venom has numbing properties which help disable their prey and kill their pain, making them less likely to struggle.

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