10 health myths busted

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Somehow, down through the years, a number of myths about our bodies and our health have endured and been passed on from generation to generation. Most people probably wouldn’t take the time to research things like this (it was a lot more difficult before the internet came along) and were quite likely to believe these myths, since they often heard them from authoritative figures like parents, grandparents, teachers and even doctors. Fortunately, a lot of these myths can be tossed onto the scrap heap now that they have been proven wrong. There is no need to concern yourself with the following myths because they have been busted.

1. Hats are optional

It’s been said for years that hats are an important accessory in cold weather because most of the body’s heat is lost through the head. Lord knows how that got started, and despite the fact that a warm hat may keep you toastier in cold weather, there is nothing special about the head when compared to other parts of the body where heat loss is concerned . Perhaps this one was started by a manufacturer of hats!

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