10 signs and symptoms of depression

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“I’m depressed.” How many times have you heard someone utter those words? Although many people feel a little sad or “down in the dumps” once in a while, real depression is much more than feeling sad about a failed math test or a dented car. Genuine depression is not something that normally goes away in a day or two, and can leave a person feeling hopeless for weeks, months or even years. It’s extremely important to get proper treatment for depression since so many people can be helped with therapy, medication or both. Sometimes a person who is depressed does not want to advertise that fact, making it important for friends and relatives to pick up on the signs of serious depression. The following symptoms may indicate that someone is suffering with real, clinical depression.

1. Sadness

Yes, this one is extremely obvious –  so much so, that you may be wondering why it is even on this list. Some people will show obvious signs of depression like sadness, but others are quite adept at hiding it, and appearing quite normal to the people around them. Even if someone is not showing any outward signs of feeling down, they still may be suffering with depression, making it essential to be aware of any other symptoms that may indicate how a depressed person is really feeling despite how they behave around others.

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