10 reasons to give up soft drinks

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Soft drinks, soda, tonic – whatever you call these wildly popular drinks, their definition really boils down to one word: Garbage. Sure, there are a lot of other words I could think of to describe them, but garbage came to mind first and it fits so perfectly. Some people drink ridiculous quantities of the stuff on a daily basis, and if they knew what it was doing to their health, they would probably stop. A lot of them probably do realize how bad it is for them, but keep on drinking anyway. The cigarette companies are still in business after all. If you drink this stuff, you may at least want to consider cutting down a bit. If the following reasons are not sufficient, there’s probably not a whole more lot I can say that is going to change your mind.

1. Weight Gain

Nutritionally speaking, soda (we’ll stick with that name for this article) is 100 percent worthless. Since it is basically just water, sugar and some flavoring, it’s a great choice if you want to be overweight and unhealthy. The western diet consists of too much sugar to begin with, and drinking soda is about the worst way you can get even more of it. Drinking one 12 ounce can of soda a day may result in an added pound of weight every month.

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