10 good reasons to give up sugar

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Sounds pretty dramatic, does it not? Giving up sugar? For those of us living in western societies and eating a western diet, the idea of giving up sugar seems crazy. It’s in just about everything these days, and you would be hard pressed to dine out and completely avoid it. The more I learned about sugar, the more determined I was to stop consuming it. For a while I tried going “cold turkey” and trying to eliminate it entirely from my diet. That may work well for some people, but for me it was not practical. I decided instead to cut down on my sugar intake. Dramatically so. And I’ve been quite successful. Do I miss candy, pastries and other sugary treats? You bet I do, but rather than be fanatical about my quest to reduce sugar in my diet, I realized that I’m only human, and I like eating those things quite a lot. On special occasions like holidays and birthdays I will indulge myself and enjoy sugary treats. Considering that I probably eat about 20 percent as much sugar than I used to, I feel pretty good about my decision to cut down. Here are some good reasons you should consider it also.

1. Just too much

Here in the United States, it’s reported that we get up to 13 percent of our calories every day from sugar. I believe that number is higher for many people. How many people do you see at the supermarket with multiple two-liter bottles or 23-packs of soda? Just working from the above figure, it means that Americans are consuming about 22 teaspoons of sugar every day. Guidelines from the American Heart Association state that the daily maximum sugar consumption for women is 6 teaspoons and for men 9 teaspoons. As you can see, many of us consume a lot more than that.

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