9 Foods To Avoid When You Are Stressed

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For lots of people, heading to the fridge or cupboard is a normal reaction to feeling stressed out or down in the dumps. It actually makes a lot of sense since eating some foods can help activate certain pleasure centers in the brain and make us feel better. Many foods that activate those kinds of feelings are either fatty, salty or sweet, which has many of us reaching for the kind of “feel good” junk food we would be better off avoiding. There are better ways to deal with stress than binging out on junk food, and there are definitely better foods to reach for when stress is starting to push your buttons. Here are 10 foods you want to avoid during those times.

1. Baked Goodies


Most baked goods, and particularly those we think of as treats, are loaded with sugar. A sugar blast is really the last thing you need when you are feeling stressed because it can cause a spike in blood sugar which raises cortisol, the stress hormone. Obviously, stress relief is only going to be more difficult to come by when you are triggering the release of stress hormones in your body.

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