8 Weird Home Remedies That Actually Work

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A while back we talked about some home remedies that are not only ineffective, they can be downright dangerous. Let’s switch things up this time and cover some home remedies that actually do work. There’s no doubt that there are many medical conditions that require the attention of a doctor or other medical professional, but with many minor conditions, people can save a lot of time, and potentially money, by using home treatments. The following are home remedies that may sound a bit weird, but have proven themselves to be effective.

1. Foot Odor

Foot odor can certainly be an embarrassing problem to deal with, and a little bit of vodka might be just the thing to keep your feet smelling clean and fresh. Just wipe your feet with a cloth soaked in vodka and you are good to go. The alcohol in vodka can kill fungus and bacteria that tend to grow on the feet, and can cause that unpleasant odor. Rubbing alcohol will work as well, but some people prefer the smell of vodka, especially if a favorite flavored variety is used.

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