11 Natural Ways To Lower Blood Pressure

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These days we seem to be at or near all-time highs were the number of people taking blood pressure-lowering medications is concerned. There are likely many causes that have blood pressure elevated for so many people, including too much stress, too much weight and too much junk food. It’s easy to go see the doctor and get prescription to lower blood pressure, but have you taken the time to read the list of potential side effects to go along with prescription medications? There’s no denying that blood pressure medications may be a necessity for many, but do we always want to reach for drugs before we try some less risky solutions? The following eleven ideas may help lower blood pressure without adding a new prescription drug to the list of the ones you may already be taking.

1. Silence The Cell

This may be hard to believe, but the sound of a cell phone ringing could spike blood pressure as much as 7 points. This is probably due to the fact that a ringing cell phone often results in conversations we would rather not have. It could be the boss asking if you can work overtime or perhaps even a family emergency. Blood pressure spikes may be more likely to strike people who don’t use a cell phone a lot, and find that it causes anxiety when it rings. Researchers aren’t entirely sure what’s behind it yet, but you may help keep your blood pressure a bit lower by switching the cell phone to vibrate mode.

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