10 Foods Dieters Avoid That They Probably Shouldn’t

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We humans are creatures that are easily trained. Let us hear something over and over again that may not have a shred of truth to it and we might start believing it anyway. Sometimes just hearing something many times tends to convince us that something is factual. After all, would so many people be repeating something if it were not true? In this case, the answer is definitely yes. Despite what you may have heard about certain foods over the years, some of the ones that are most-feared by dieters may not be too much to worry about after all. Check out the following list and see if you have been avoiding a favorite food that you can probably be enjoying without too much risk to your waistline.

1. Cheese

Here’s a perfect example of a case where moderation is the key. While enjoying an ounce of cheese with breakfast is not likely to do your diet any harm, sitting down to enjoy a block of your favorite cheddar will probably set your dieting efforts back significantly. Cheese is an excellent source of calcium, and keep in mind that it’s best to avoid the “fat free” versions since it’s just not very satisfying and is probably about as enjoyable as not having any at all!

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