9 Signs You May Have A Drinking Problem

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Life isn’t fair. That’s a fact that a lot of us have certainly learned the hard way. Some people grow up in loving homes and go on to be happy, healthy, successful adults, while others have to endure abuse and neglect that affects them for the rest of their lives. Both drugs and alcohol can be a dangerous refuge for those who have a desire to escape from the reality of the pain in their lives. Unfortunately, drinking is something that can sneak up on people without them being aware of it. Many people who are on the verge of becoming alcoholics deny that they have a problem, and refuse to address the issue. It’s wise to keep these signs in mind if you or someone you know may be developing a drinking habit that could be headed for alcoholism.

1. Stress Relief

Someone who drinks to relieve stress is opening themselves up to the risk of becoming too dependent on alcohol to address a problem in their life that really should be addressed in other ways. When someone begins to feel like they “need” a drink to help relax them, it could be a sign that alcohol is becoming too important in their life, and they are at risk of becoming an alcoholic.

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