9 Reasons To Avoid ‘Antibacterial’ Anything

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Antibacterial. Sounds great, doesn’t it? Who doesn’t want to kill all kinds of nasty germs that can give us infections and cause sickness? The manufacturers of products labeled “Antibacterial” would like us all to believe that we need their magic potions to ensure that we are as clean as we can be when we wash our hands, brush our teeth, or clean our kitchens and bathrooms. What they do not what you to know is that there are better alternatives to their questionable antibacterial products that will kill germs quite sufficiently without all the added health risks that come with products that carry the antibacterial label. Find out why the risks from using antibacterial products are worse than any risk you are likely to encounter from germs.

1. Creating Monsters

It’s only been fairly recently that medical science has begin to awaken to the danger that has arisen from the over-use of antibiotics. Bacteria are a lot more adaptable than we once thought and as more and more antibiotics and antibacterial product were developed and used, the more bacteria found it necessary to develop resistance. Antibacterial products have a lot in common with antibiotics, and using them also greatly increases the risk of helping bacteria develop defenses against medicines that are intended to eliminate them.

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