9 Health Hazards of Fluoride

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Make no mistake, whether or not fluoride is a health hazards is a very controversial topic, and there are forces on both sides of the argument that are extremely adamant about their opinion. Fluoride has long been touted as something that can do wonders for dental health, and it is added to the public water supplies in many municipalities, and used in many toothpastes and mouthwashes. There is a lot of concern about possible health hazards that are associated with fluoride, despite the assertions by some scientists that it is perfectly safe as used in dental care products and public drinking water supplies. These are some of the top health concerns of people who believe fluoride is a health hazard.

1. Babies

Since young babies live on a diet that is essentially a liquid diet, there is a lot of concern about the possibility that they are most affected by fluoride. Baby formula is mixed using water, and if the water is fluoridated, it is believed that babies end up with a mega dose of fluoride. Even breastfeeding might not be the answer of the mother drinks fluoridated water or uses products that contain fluoride.

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