9 Dangers of Energy Drinks

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Everyone could use a little boost now and again, and in our “there’s a pill for that” society, there are numerous perfectly legal products on the market that can give you an energy boost whenever you want one. As is the case with so many “good” things like this, there is a downside. While knocking back an energy drink once in a while might not do you any harm, making them a regular habit could literally be putting your life in danger. Caffeine, unlike many other energy-boosting drugs, is perfectly legal, but that doesn’t mean it can’t hurt you. A high enough dose of caffeine can certainly kill a person. There are safer ways to maintain your energy levels including exercise and eating a healthy diet. There’s no doubt that energy drinks are effective, just be aware of the risks if you decide to use them.

1. Cardiac Arrest

Sounds pretty extreme, doesn’t it? While it’s pretty clear that people aren’t dying on a frequent basis because of energy drink consumption, there are those unfortunate individuals with a previously-unknown heart condition that are especially at risk of dying from energy drinks. Energy drinks, by their nature, rev up the body’s metabolism, and that most definitely includes the heart, which beats faster and works harder as a result of the stimulants in energy drinks.

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