9 Dangerous Home Remedies

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Home remedies are usually something we think of as being harmless, like chicken soup for a cold or applying vinegar to a bee sting. Not only are the majority of home remedies harmless, some of them actually work as advertised, and have been utilized for centuries. There are also a host of home remedies that pose a significant risk to those who decide to try them. People don’t require a medical degree in order to use a simple home remedy in most cases, but it pays to be aware of those particular home remedies that can be dangerous. You’ll want to avoid trying these supposed treatments.

1. Head Lice

Unfortunately, head lice is a problem many parents of small children have to deal with. All it takes is one infected child in classroom full of kids to spread lice to numerous others. One old remedy claims that kerosene applied to an infected person’s head will kill off the lice, and put an end to the infestation. Unbelievably, some home remedies advise applying pesticides directly to the head, which can be extremely dangerous. Your local pharmacy carries remedies that actually work, as does just about any doctor’s office.

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