8 Unhealthy Habits You Should Break

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There’s probably not a human being in the world that has not developed at least one unhealthy habit. Habits are extremely easy to adopt and usually not so easy to break, and sometimes we develop them without even thinking about it. Some of them are just our natural reaction to stress, anxiety or some other emotional state, and many people are not even aware that so many of these seemingly harmless habits can be bad for our health. Here are 8 common habits that could end up being unhealthy for you.

1. Nail Biting

Here’s a classic example of something that seems perfectly harmless, and although most people will probably get away with it, and never suffer any serious consequences, there are risks associated with this habit. Beyond the obvious downside to nail-biting, like unattractive nails, it can also cause abnormal nail development and even cause damage to the outer layer of your teeth. Perhaps worst of all is the fact that nasty bacteria and other germs like to hide out under your nails – things like staphylococcus, which you definitely don’t want to be putting in your mouth!

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