7 Top Health Risks For Young Adults

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Advancements in medicine have caused our risk from sickness and disease to reach all-time lows, and safer automobiles have also had a very positive effect on the number of young people who die from accidents every year. Even with these advancements, there are still very real health risks for everyone, even those who have both youth and good physical condition in their favor. Some of these risks can be reduced or eliminated simply by choices each individual makes. There are a number of risky behaviors that entice many young people, and can result in serious injury, diseases and even premature death. The following are considered among the top health risks for young adults today.

1. Accidents

Unfortunately, accidents are still a constant risk for young people, even with all the safety precautions that have been put in place after years of study and development. Although the numbers are lower when measured against the entire population, as of 2005, there are still about 40 deaths per 100,000 young adults due to accidents. The majority are likely due to automobile accidents, many of which are caused by inexperience or simply by risky behaviors while driving.

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