7 Strange Side Effects of Common Medications

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Is it possible not to know someone who is on some type of prescription medication these days? Unless you have a very small circle of friends and acquaintances, it’s probably not very likely. From school kids on ADHD medication to grandma who may be on a dozen different medications, we are a society that’s well-supplied with pharmaceuticals. If you’ve ever taken the time to read over one of those information sheets that are handed out with prescription medications, you’ll know that most of them can cause a wide range of side effects. While some of them seem pretty benign, like upset stomach or lack of appetite, some side effects can be downright weird.

1. Ambien – Sleep Driving

This commonly-used sleep aid is helpful for a lot of people that have trouble with insomnia, but it can cause people to do unexpected things in their sleep. Everyone has heard of sleep walking or people who talk in their sleep, but it’s not often we hear about someone who takes their car out for a drive while they are sleeping! Others carry on very detailed conversations with other people, eat while they are asleep, or even have sex when they are sleeping and have no memory of it the following day!

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