11 Foods Most Likely To Cause Food Poisoning

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It may not last all that long, but food poisoning is definitely an experience you want to avoid if at all possible. Many people who have suffered from food poisoning report that is was one of the most miserable experiences of their lives, and made them feel much worse than most any other common illness, including the flu. Being careful about what you eat, and how it is prepared is the key to avoiding food poisoning. It’s certainly not reasonable to start swearing off foods that have been part of your normal diet, but it can be helpful to know which foods are most likely to cause food poisoning, so that the proper preventive measures can be observed.

#1 Chicken

There’s no need to convince anyone how popular chicken is. There are entire restaurant chains devoted to serving chicken, and some of them have been in business for decades. It’s quite likely that a big part of the reason chicken landed on this list is due to its popularity. Between 1998 and 201, nearly 7,000 people in the United States were sickened by tainted chicken. A bacteria called Clostridium perfringens is often the cause of food poisoning where chicken is concerned, although Salmonella causes its share of problems as well.

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