10 Ways You Cell Phone May Be Harmful to Your Health

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It’s clear that the genie is out of the bottle. Call phones are everywhere, and people have come to rely on them as a part of their everyday life. We’ve all heard stories about the dangers of cell phones, but how seriously do we take them? After all, so many of us love our cell phones, and cannot imagine life without them. The companies that make cell phones and the wireless carriers are raking in billions of dollars, so they certainly don’t have any incentive to reduce cell phone use. While there are proven dangers associated with cell phones, it’s not reasonable to call on people to stop using them. There are, however, easy ways to reduce the risk cell phones pose so we can all merrily continue using our phones. Here are some of the dangers associated with cell phones and how they may be reduced.

1. Germs

Think about it. How many times do your handle your phone on a typical day? Now think about everything else you have handled, and you can safely assume that just about every nasty little germ you have come in contact with during the course of a normal day is also on your phone. Even hand-washing won’t fix this problem when you think about how it is normally carried out. You normally put your phone in your pocket, or set it down while you wash your hands. Guess what? As soon as you pick that phone up again, you contaminate your hands again with all the nasty germs that are living on your phone. Wiping it down with alcohol or some other germ-killing cleaner once a day will help keep the germ population to a minimum on the surface of your phone.

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