10 ways the commute to work may impact your health

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The commute – a word that brings feelings of dread to many people. Some people endure long commutes aboard the buses or trains that make up the public transportation system, while others drive themselves to work each and every day along crowded highways or city streets. For people living in areas that are subject to winter weather in all its glory, commutes are sometimes transformed from unpleasant to nightmare, as roads become snow-covered and dangerous to drive on. Other than being hurt in some kind of accident as you travel to and from the workplace, there are other ways your commute can be damaging to your health.

1. Stress

This will probably come as no surprise to the millions of people who must endure nerve-wracking commutes on a regular basis. Stress and anxiety are detrimental to your health, and for those who have stressful jobs, piling the additional stress of the commute on top of that could be a recipe for serious health problems.

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